Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Videos - a new way of speaking about the language issues


I dicided to post some video here. It is my first video, so forgive me if it is not consistent. You see I am not used to the camera. I apologise for the quality. I know it is not very good. I will try to work on it.

I hope you will like the idea. I plan to make more videos in different languages. I will try to deal with many issues that may interest you. 



  1. different communication tools can be beneficial for a business other than having available 1300 numbers. thanks for sharing an informative post... :)

  2. It's very interesting idea to post it as a video. Just small advice if you don't mind: work with the sound - mic near to your mouth and your voice will be better hearable :)

    1. I sort of resolved this problem. Have new cam and mic, so I think next time the quality will be better.